Sali’s dreams
“My trunk is gnawed by worms and insects. The winds have broken the dry branches where the dense crown once rumbled. My roots have rotted away. I’ve forgotten the taste of earth juice.
Lone oak … I stand on the top of a mound in the shrinking ring of a dense forest. But in every tree of the advancing green mass I can already see the beginnings of decay.
Reborn from the seed and breaking through from the Earth to the Sky, you are approaching the halls of Death. It is she who will lead you through the endless labyrinths of life cycles.”

Sali is a former court photographer for the criminal division.
His views on real reality will seem strange to us.
Life, as a process, does not interest him. The object of the hero’s research is the manifestation of death and everything related to it.
An accident that happened to Sali reveals in him a mysterious gift. The acquisition of new abilities forced Sali to become an agent of the otherworldly forces in our world.
As he performs his duties, he unwittingly becomes embroiled in a violent confrontation of necrological beings that could lead to his terrible demise.